Twisted Cloak Pin


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Introducing the Twisted Cloak Pin! It's a versatile pin that works especially well on thicker blankets and shawls. It features a strong metal alloy ring. The pin on it looks like a small sword. It is long and pointy but not sharp enough to be dangerous. Both pieces have a beautiful color tone. One in gold, one in a silver tin color. We suggest using it with a wool or knitted material.
The cloak pin use to be an essential tool. Imagine trying to wear a blanket while you are riding a horse. It's not happening unless you have something to keep it attached to you. This was a simple yet genius invention to solve that problem. 
The Twisted Cloak Pin is a great way to connect to our shared ancestors. For that reason, people love gifting them to friends and family. A pouch will be included with each pin! Click above to purchase this pin today!

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