About Us

Welcome to Cloak and Cloth!
We are a small company located in the snowy New England part of the United States. Our mission is to celebrate history by bringing back elements of it into our modern age.
We believe our ancestors invented many things that were ingenious, practical, and beautiful. One example of this is the cloak and the pin.
Back in the day people wore cloaks all the time. From wearing one in the castle, to while riding on a horse. It was an essential part of life. But just because most of us aren't riding on horses anymore, doesn't mean they still aren't useful! Everyday, we are showing people the benefits. From wearing it around the house on a cold winter day, to around town for fashion, to the outdoors for protection from bugs. 
Our cloaks and pins are awesome! And although we are a small company, we are passionate about what we do. Feel free to reach out for more information about us.
- Simon Crowner, Company Founder