How do I put the cloak pin on?

First, put the piece of clothing over your shoulders. Pinch the cloth just below your neck. Take the pin and gently push it through the stitching of the cloth. Flip the metal ring over the pin. The pin will go through the hole in the ring. While the ring is flipped over, rotate it. The pin will push up against the ring and secure the cloth. You now have a cloak!

If that didn't make any sense, here is a video demonstration: Pin Demo

Do cloak pins leave holes in cloth?

It depends. If you have a very finely stitched material, it might not work without leaving a hole. That is why we recommend only using the pins on looser woven materials like a knitted or wool blanket. It will also not leave a hole on all of the cloaks we offer. However, you must be gentle when poking the pin through. Otherwise, you might break a string.

Where does my order ship from?

All of our cloak pins ship from the United States. For the time being, our cloaks will ship from overseas. Soon, we will have our cloaks in stock and they will ship with our pins. They will be sent to you separately. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. 

I haven't received my order yet. Where is it?

Please contact us: support@cloakandcloth.com

We do our part to make sure your order gets to you in a timely manner. However, sometimes issues arise in the mail system that are out of our hands. If you haven't received your order in a reasonable amount of time, please reach out to us. We will track your order down and make sure it gets to you. Even if we have to reship it.