Cloak Pin Shawl


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 The perfect addition for your cloak pin. Our cloak pin shawl is just that, a shawl version of a cloak! It's not the full size cloak you might see in the movies. Those can be a little too much for actually wearing. Instead this is a shawl that you can wear out, but it has a hood which gives it that cloak feel. It's perfect for walks on crisp fall days, visiting a café, or for just lounging around the house in the winter.

What's your style? Is it more light colors or dark? Either way, we got your covered! Click above to choose between beige with black stripes or black with gray stripes. Both look great with all sorts of different outfits. We especially love the beige cloak with blue jeans. The cloak pin shawl is one size fits all, great for people of all shapes and sizes.

Made from 100% Polyester. Please slowly and carefully poke the pin through the fabric as to not break any threads or hurt yourself. We have a limited supply so order yours today before we run out!